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Our Top Picks

Energy Healing

60 minutes

(i) Heart therapy

An inspiring way to discover yourself by unlocking your subconscious mind from your past life. This therapeutic hypnosis promotes mental and physical relaxation, prepares the person for medical and surgical procedures, and help with post-operative care and rehabilitation.


(ii) spiritual therapy

The session will also focus you on finding your inner answers by clearing and opening your mind and releasing the energy that stagnates within the body and its surroundings.

Modern Bone Setting Treatment

60-90 mins

Combining the best Chinese and Western techniques for skeletal adjustment, this treatment helps to realign the bones of the affected part of the body, soothes muscles, eliminates long-term suffering pain and improves body posture.


Patients with poor body posture often suffer from a dislocation of the vertebrae or various other sore conditions in the body.

Health Consultation

30-60 minutes

Worried about your health? Having trouble sleeping? Maybe you are seeking to lose a few kilograms, consult our health practitioners for health related advise and guidance.